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While playing junior tennis in elementary school, we noticed that many players would throw away their tennis balls after only 2 hours of play.  Often, our club's garbage bins would be filled to capacity with perfectly reusable tennis balls.  With a little research, we learned about the environmental impact from tennis balls filling our landfills.  As a result, we started to collect as many tennis balls as we could and, with a little networking, we'd begun to donate balls to animal shelters, inner city youth programs and even created sustainable ideas you can use in your own home.  These recycle efforts led to "Balls-Go-Round" - our nonprofit which has been successful in connecting top tennis clubs' used tennis balls with needy organizations for replay or reuse.


*  Over 300 million tennis balls are produced & DISPOSED each year!

* Each tennis ball has an average court-life of only 3-4 hours

* Most tennis balls take up to 10 years to fully decompose!

* That's over 15,000 metric tons of waste annually!

*Most needy organizations don't know that they can tap into this free resource for their programs!
We've taken a simple, sustainable concept of recycling thousands of unneeded balls and redistributing them back into community - including youth programs and nonprofit organizations. By networking with country clubs, tennis & sports facilities, and various recreational associations, we're able to re-distribute their unwanted balls into inner city programs, and extend their REPLAY & REUSE life.
Photo:  York Tennis in New York City donates THOUSANDS of used tennis balls!